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After the success of the national premiere of the last few days in San Casciano, Leo Gullotta on Saturday 22 February 2020 brings his "Bartleby the scribe" to the Politeama Boglione di Bra, a show inspired by the story of Herman Melville.

Imagine an office. On Wall Street or anywhere else in the world, little changes. It's an ordinary day in the office of a lawyer, a good, kind man, so anonymous that we don't even know his name. Every day flows identical, boring and patient, according to the rules of a blissfully bureaucratic perpetual motion, that is: mechanical and senseless. The office is bare, the walls high and gray. The windows are also high and unreachable. Everything is repeated as in one of those tourist watches that are found in the squares of the ancient cities: time is marked by a meaningless ballet, but above all without beginning and without end. Until one day Bartleby, who professionally copies and diligently compiles the cards that his owner passes to him, decides to answer any request with the phrase: "I would prefer not to." A gentle refusal that paralyzes work and logic, a sort of unexpected turbulence that upsets everything.

An intense Leo Gullotta on stage in the adaptation of Francesco Niccolini. Directed by Emanuele Gamba and production Arca Azzurra, with Giuliana Colzi, Andrea Costagli, Dimitri Frosali, Massimo Salvianti and Lucia Socci.

Show starts at 21pm, tickets sold out. The next theater appointment is for Monday 2 March with "A real tragedy", a bizarre tragicomedy by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi re-proposed by Francesco Saponaro, set in the Queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace, during the night of the death of Lady Diana Spencer. More information on or by calling 0172.430185. (Em)

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