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++ Update - deadline for submitting questions: Thursday 16 April, 16 pm ++


In execution of the Civil Protection Ordinance no. 685 of 29 March 2020 relating to further urgent civil protection interventions and measures and resources for food solidarity;

Given in particular the art. 2, paragraph 4, lett. a), with which it is established that the Municipality can provide "shopping vouchers" that can be used for the purchase of food at commercial establishments for households most exposed to the economic effects of the COVID emergency 19 and among those in need.


that, for families most exposed to the economic effects deriving from the emergency COVID 19 and not already in charge of the Social-Assistance Services, starting from WEDNESDAY 1 APRIL it will be possible to submit an application for the granting of vouchers * usable for the purchase of groceries at shops in the municipal area and the list of which will be published in the coming days on the institutional website of the Municipality of Bra.

* value of the vouchers payable:

No. of family members

One-time contribution


€ 100,00

From a 2 3

€ 200,00

Over 3

€ 300,00

The shopping vouchers will be paid until the contribution assigned to the Municipality of Bra by the Civil Protection Department is exhausted.

The application form, available on the Municipality website at duly completed and signed in original, it can be sent by computer in one of the following ways:

a) message from any e-mail box, with attached file application signed with digital signature;

b) e-mail message, with attached application, whose author is identified by our IT system with the use of the electronic identity card or the national service card;

c) message, with attached application, sent by the sender's certified electronic mail box (PEC) to the PEC box of the Municipality of Bra (;

d) copy of the application bearing the handwritten signature and the copy of the identity document of the declarant acquired by scanner and sent via any simple or certified electronic mailbox to the electronic mailbox

With particular reference to the elderly population, in the event of objective impossibility of sending in one of the aforementioned methods, a telephone interview will be held to certify the effective condition of vulnerability of the citizen who temporarily finds himself in the absence or limitation of economic income that allows him to respond to basic needs. In this case, the application will be made to sign upon delivery of the shopping voucher.

For information and registration:, tel. 0172/438124,

Bra, 31.03.2020





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