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Every four years, the Municipality of Bra announces a competition open to all those who, having the necessary income requirements, wish to be awarded a public residential housing (formerly public housing). The office of the Municipality provides information and assistance for the compilation of the applications, providing to send them to the Territorial Agency for the Home (ATC) of Cuneo for the compilation of the rankings according to which the assignment of the available accommodations will take place.

Requirements: fall within the range of income provided by law and indicated in the notice.

What you need: the requirements and deadlines for the submission of applications and the necessary documentation are established by the regional law of reference and are specified in the notices of competition in view at the office.

times: the publication of the definitive classification has average times of 12 months from the expiration of the announcement while the assignment of the accommodation is not possible.

Closing Time Procedures:

Transmission of questions to the relevant committee - deadline: 60 days from the deadline set by the call (Article 6);

Assignment of accommodation by ranking: end date: 90 days from the communication made available (article 12);

Assignment to lease lodgings on reserve: 10 days from the presentation of the application; final term: 30 days from the date of execution;

Loss of ownership: 60 days from the ascertainment of the violation of the provisions of law or communication of the body responsible for the violation (23 article 22 / 2001 Regional Law) pending the application regulations of the Regional Law 3 / 2010);

Forfeiture of accommodation due to arrears: 90 days from the ruling of the request for revocation by the managing body (article 24 of the Regional Law 22 / 2001) pending the application regulations of the Regional Law 3 / 2010.

Final ranking 2018 announcement

The ranking is valid from July 31 2019, replaces the previous one referring to the notice issued in the 2013 and will be used for the assignment of all the accommodations that will become available in the validity period.

Only the overall score achieved by the competitors is included in the published list. To know in detail the individual scores, the people on the list living in Bra, provided with a valid identity document, can contact the Municipal House Office (Palazzo Garrone, piazza Caduti per la Libertà 18, 1 ° floor) on Monday, the Wednesday and Friday, from the 8,45 to the 12.45, or to the Cuneo branch of the Atc of Southern Piedmont (via S. Croce 11, Cuneo). Competitors not resident in Bra must instead contact the Municipality of residence, which is required to guarantee access to information to interested parties.

Download this file (atc_graduatoria final call 2018.pdf)atc_graduatoria definitive call 2018.pdf[The ranking relative to the 2018 call]1673 kB