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The City of Bra has created the official site with the aim of transmitting to the citizen a uniform and easily accessible view of the Public Administration. The texts contained within the site do not in any way bind the municipal administration.

The news headline Bra news is registered at the Court of Alba with authorization no. 465 / 1988. The Chief Manager is Raffaele Grillo.

All the contents and information contained within the site of the City Council are protected under copyright law, so nothing, even partially, can be copied, modified or resold for profit or for any reason whatsoever utility. The objects on this site that can be downloaded, such as the form, are freely available free of charge. How much is downloadable is covered by copyright.

The City of Bra guarantees that the processing of data, which should be received via e-mail or electronic registration forms, is in compliance with the provisions of the privacy policy.

Updates to the official site they are handled by the Public Relations Office. The person in charge of the content publication process is Raffaele Grillo (webmaster), who can be contacted to report any inaccuracies or content deemed obsolete. Contacts: (mail), (+ 39) 0172.438278 (phone), (+ 39) 0172.44333 (fax).