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In the northern part of the city in the direction of Turin, along the avenue of the same name, stands the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Fiori, a religious complex consisting of the Santuario Vecchio, the Santuario Nuovo and the Casa degli Esercizi Spirituali.

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The Old Shrine was erected in 1626 at the place where a chapel recalled the appearance of Our Lady at Egidia Mathis in December of 1336.

The old sanctuary of Our Lady of Flowers

The building has a longitudinal plan with three chapels on each side. In one of them is preserved the statue of the Madonna dei Fiori that every 8 September, the day of the patron saint, is brought to procession for the city. Inside the Sanctuary is a painting by the Flemish painter Jean Claret, who portrays the Madonna of Flowers.

New Sanctuary of Our Lady of Flowers

The New Sanctuary was made in 1933, on the design of engineer Bartolomeo Gallo, with a central plan with two twin bells. The interior frescoes are by Piero dalle Ceste, which has also produced the great picture depicting the appearance of the Virgin Mary at Eugenia Mathis.

Madonna of flowers flowers

Near the Sanctuary you will find the rich sports equipment of the city and a welcoming green area.

Church of San Rocco

It was built in the first half of the 16th century and expanded into the 1715 with the current facade made in the 1890. During the French Revolution, St. Rocco was the place where political gatherings were held and is now used as a showroom.

Via Cavour

Via Cavour is the main pedestrian area of ​​the city. It is the "good lounge" of Bra with commercial shops and pastry bars that, in the summer months, set their dehors to the center of the street. At the two ends of the street are the Churches of the Black beats and of San Rocco.

The building was constructed from 1693 to a longitudinal plan with two deep side chapels. Inside, two canvases of Jean Claret, dating back to the mid-17th century, come from the church of the Dominican Convent. Ornated by a large canvas by Giovanni Antonio Molineri, depicting the "Anime del Purgatorio", on the left is the great chapel of the Suffrage Companion.

St. John Baptist

Overlooking Via Vittorio Emanuele there is the oldest parish church of Bra, the Church of St. John the Baptist. Built in the 16th century near the Church of Sant'Antonino Vecchio, in the current square Conti Guerra del Grione. The church, designed by architect John Schellino, has a three-nave plant with chapels on each side. It is fitted with a double dome with octagonal exterior.

Inside the Church there are a series of frescoes by Luigi Morgani executed around the mid-1920s. Another interesting work preserved in St. John is the "Blessed Sebastian Valfrè who distributes the alms to the poor" by Agostino Cottolengo, brother of St. Giorgio's braid, the latter portrayed in a canvas of Siffredi and also preserved inside the Church.

the church of the Black Battuts

The construction was realized in the 1591 by the Compagnia della Misericordia, established in 1588 and known in the city as Brotherhood of the "Black Battuti", with the task of assisting prisoners and condemned to death and to provide for their burial. The Church has a very simple structure with a single nave and houses the main altar designed by Giovenale Boetto. It includes precious works by Flemish painter Jean Claret, including the "San Giovanni taken off", and four works by Agostino Cottolengo, Brother of the Holy Braid.