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Debt payment plan

Timeliness of payments

The timeliness rate of payments measures the sum, for each invoice issued as consideration of a commercial transaction, of the actual days between the due date of the invoice (or equivalent payment request) and the date of payment to suppliers multiplied by the amount due, compared to the sum of the amounts paid in the reference period (DPCM 22.09.2014, L. No. 89 / 2014).

The data are published by year and for every single quarter, on the basis of the circular of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of 14.01.2015. The calculation of the average payment times for the years 2016 and 2017 has separated the data relating to the invoices issued by subjects that do not carry out business activities (Article 9, c.4, DPCM 22.09.2014), which for the Municipality of Bra particular emphasis on payments made to the basin consortia.

From the year 2018 the useful data for the publication are those taken from the Trade Credits platform of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) with 08.04.2019 data.

Year 2016

1st quarter: 125,26

2nd quarter: 144,12

3rd quarter: 121,15

4th quarter: 57,60

total year 2016: 117,57

Year 2017

1st quarter: 103,65

2nd quarter: 89,92

3rd quarter: 75,76

4th quarter: 65,47

total year 2017: 86,65

Year 2018

1st quarter: 58,49

2nd quarter: 103,47

3rd quarter: 53,43

4th quarter: 14,82

total year 2018: 56,70

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