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Until July 15, 2020 the fare for the bus that connects Bra with the single hospital in Verduno will be the same as that applied for urban conurbation, therefore 1 euro and twenty cents instead of 2,20 euro, as in force for extra-urban tariffs . To promote the initiative the municipal administration and the Sac company (manager of the service in the city), waiting to be able to address the issue at the level of the Piedmont Department of Transport.

“Another piece towards the opening of the unique hospital of Verduno - comment the Mayor Gianni Fogliato and the councilor for Transport Massimo Borrelli -. We thank the Sac for the availability shown ".

The timetable of the new Bra - Pollenzo - Verduno line 1 can be consulted on the website of the operator of the Braidese TPL service

“Interventions that the Braidese community and the territory have been waiting for too long, which bring important environmental and traffic implications and which I hope will represent an indispensable support for our local economy in its connections, especially in this difficult period. It is also a basic work to ensure agile and functional connections with the new Verduno hospital, which is preparing to become operational ". Thus the mayor of Bra Gianni Fogliato commented on the release (communicated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) of the so-called "Crosetto funds", € 24 million and € 750 thousand destined for complementary roads to the Asti-Cuneo motorway in the Cuneo area.

Thursday 14 May 2020 second appointment with the new edition of "I Care", the Youth Policy Day in Bra which this year, given the impossibility of gathering many students in a single physical location, unfolds in a series of virtual meetings which will allow young Braidesi to deepen some current issues through modern communication and sharing tools.

From Monday 11 May 2020 the three cemeteries of Viale Rimembranze, Bandito and Pollenzo will reopen in Bra. Visitors will be able to access it from 8 to 19, Saturday and Sunday included.

After the resumption with prolonged hours of the activity of the two eco-centers in Bra, in Corso Monviso and in the Pollenzo district, the Ecosportello activity in Corso Monviso will also be enhanced during the week from 11 to 16 May, with an increase in reception of users and delivery of the materials necessary to carry out the separate collection activities, in view of a progressive return to full functionality of the service in the times preceding the Covid emergency19.

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