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From Monday 4 May 2020, the eco-centers of Bra, in Corso Monviso and in via Langhe in Pollenzo, reopen to the public. After the interruption due to travel restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid19, the two structures will reopen their doors with an extended timetable throughout the month of May on the advice of the Municipality of Bra and thanks to the availability of the Coabser consortium and the management company STR - Waste treatment company.

This year the ceremony with which Bra celebrated April 25 turned out to be an event certainly different from the usual, but no less heartfelt and engaging. In the impossibility of giving life to traditional public parades, in fact, the mayor Gianni Fogliato paid tribute to the memory of those who fought for our freedom by placing a laurel wreath at the plaque in Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, in a commemoration sent streaming on the Facebook page of the Municipality.

The Budget Law 2020 introduced the so-called "Facade Bonus". This is a tax benefit consisting of a tax deduction, to be divided into 10 constant annual installments, equal to 90% of the expenses incurred in 2020 for interventions aimed at the recovery or restoration of the external facade of the buildings. Also those of only external cleaning or painting are included in the list. However, only interventions on the opaque structures of the facade, on balconies or on ornaments and friezes are allowed to benefit.

The provision contained in Law no. 160 of 27 December 2019 (art. 1 paragraphs from 219 to 224) provides that this deduction is due for interventions on buildings located in areas "A" or "B" defined by article 2 of decree no. 1444/1968 of the Minister of Public Works: the first includes the parts of the territory affected by urban agglomerations which are historical, artistic or of particular environmental value or portions of them; the second, however, includes the other parts of the territory built, even if only in part.

Considering that the current master plan of Bra does not adopt these definitions for the identification of the different uses of the territory, to understand if a city building is among those that can benefit from the bonus facades, it is necessary to:

  • identify in the PRGC cartography, traceable on the institutional site of the Municipality of Bra, if the building is included in the urban areas defined with the abbreviations S1 to S6 (articles 26 and 27 of the Implementing Rules): in this case the building is considered to be in Zone A;
  • identify in the PRGC cartography if the building is not included among the areas indicated in the second paragraph of art. 24 of the NTAs attached to the master plan: in this case the building is considered to be in Zone B.

Detailed information can be found on the Municipality website in the section “Private construction”Or by calling the Urban Planning Division at 0172-438353. (Rb)

Info: City of Bra - Urban Breakdown

tel. 0172.438353 -

Regular waste collection on Friday 27st May in Bra. In the meantime, starting this morning, Monday 2020 April 19, the bulky waste collection service has resumed. Activities had been suspended in recent weeks within the consortium level measures taken to contain the Covid-0172 pandemic. However, the reservation service has always remained operational at the Ecosportello in Corso Monviso. Currently it is possible to book the home collection of bulky people by calling 201054-8,30 (Monday to Friday from 12,30 to 14, Tuesday and Thursday also from 17,30 to XNUMX) or by writing to

After the Zizzola, the Teatro Politeama Boglione di Bra also wears the tricolor flag. The suggestive lighting, made available free of charge by the Microfase company of the braidese Davide Scalzo, also wants to bring a message of trust and union around the national flag to the city center.