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It is already possible in Bra to submit the application for registration for the year 2020-2021 to the nursery school and to the municipal municipal microns. The request must be made by filling in the appropriate form (published in the section Services and procedures / Kindergarten and on the homepage of the website, to be sent completed and scanned (or photographed, if you do not have a scanner or printer), together with a copy of the declarant's identity document, to the email:

For confirmation of registration, the parents will instead be contacted directly by the municipal nursery staff.

It is specified that the applications already submitted and included in the ranking are valid until the child reaches the age for kindergarten: therefore even those who have already submitted the application and for various reasons have renounced attendance but are now interested , must not make a new request but reply to the email that the Nursery will send, as always, at the end of May, to find out who confirms the intention to start entering or intends to renounce for the 2020-2021 educational year.

More information by writing to

From 16 April 2020, the “Al Elka” counter will be operational again, an information point born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Bra and the Bear Cooperative, which for years has provided advice on legislation, work, training, requests for Italian citizenship, as well as to carry out the paperwork for the issue, renewal, updating of residence permits and for the request for the authorization to family reunification. The counter will now guarantee the information service (exclusively by telephone) every Thursday from 8,45 to 12,15 by calling 0172-438151. (Rb)

Info: City of Bra - Public Relations Office

tel. 0172.438281 -

On Easter Monday, Monday 13 April 2020, waste collection in Bra will be guaranteed regularly, according to the usual calendar. The activity and telephone services of the Ecosportello in via Monviso instead resume on Tuesday 14 April with the usual times, with the exception of Saturday morning.

The distribution of washable masks that the Municipality of Bra has made available to citizens over 70 who have requested them continues in the city. During the last week the first 1600 masks were delivered, thanks to the precious collaboration of the volunteers of the Red Cross of Bra, of the National Carabinieri Association on leave - nucleus of civil protection and of the Civil Protection, to which a team has been added in these days of employees of the municipal technical office.

In this tragic emergency we rediscover a strong sense of community, thanks also to the valuable contribution of all the volunteers who collaborate in the front line with the Municipality of Bra in supporting the most vulnerable people and to the generosity of private individuals, associations and city realities, who have data available to collaborate, in various forms, to cope with this moment of difficulty.