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The moment we are facing is difficult for everyone, even on the emotional and psychological front: we are confronted with new and unexpected concerns and it is possible that fragility emerges in managing the distorted daily life, isolation and distance from loved ones, fear and perception of risk. The Municipality of Bra has activated a psychological help desk for citizenship, in collaboration with the voluntary association "Psychologists for the Peoples of Piedmont", an organization that has been operating in emergencies for over 10 years, in synergy with local realities.

The Mayor, the Council of the city of Bra, continue for now to follow the evolution of the health and welfare situation of the guests of the "I Glicini" facility, in these days grappling with a rapid and worrying spread of covid infection 19.

As part of its competences, which do not concern the health or welfare aspects, for which the ownership of the retirement home and the ASL are responsible, each for their own task, the municipal administration has done and is doing all that that it is in its power to improve emergency management, through repeated and insistent actions with the managing body and the heads of local and regional health in order to request effective and rapid interventions; also thanks to this continuous connection and comparison with the subjects involved in recent days, extraordinary measures have been implemented, such as the appointment of a military doctor in the role of medical director.

Starting tomorrow, and progressively in the coming days in different areas of the city, the distribution of washable masks made available by the Municipality of Bra will be over XNUMX years old from Braidesi. In this regard, it should be noted that the masks will be inserted in the letter box by the Red Cross, by the Civic Group of volunteers for the Civil Protection of Bra and by the National Carabinieri Association - Civil Protection Unit, with notice via intercom: it is recommended not to open the front door to anyone.

The Piedmont Region has communicated the state of maximum danger for forest fires starting tomorrow, Wednesday 8 April 2020 throughout the Piedmont region. To this end, it announces that (as per regional law 15/2018) in this period of maximum danger "within a distance of one hundred meters from wooded, shrubland and pasture land, actions that are even potentially determining the ignition of fire are prohibited and any generation of free flame that cannot be controlled in time and space is prohibited ".

++ Update - deadline for submitting questions: Thursday 16 April, 16 pm ++

After the activation - last week - of the procedure for requesting "shopping vouchers", an aid measure for the families most exposed to the economic effects deriving from the emergency COVID 19, the Municipality of Bra is ready to begin the distribution between requesting citizens.